Planet Earth Documentary – A Unique View to our Living Place

Planet earth is famous documentary started in 2006, the world famous new television BBC produced this documentary through their Natural History Unit. This is one of the most expensive and most time taking natural documentary series that took over 5 years of production. The film is also claimed to be a first high definition documentary film.

Planet Earth Documentary

So far 11 episodes have been released of this documentary, all episodes are released with a new topic describing a unique place of the planet earth.

  1. From Pole to Pole: This episode will give you a look at our planet earth and some of the key factors that shaped its natural history
  2. Mountains: In this episode you will learn more about the physical and volcanic forces that shape crag chains
  3. Fresh Water: Here you will know the planet’s most spectacular rivers and lakes
  4. Caves: Improvement in the unique access to a hidden world counting poisonous and flooded caves
  5. Deserts: ‘Planet Earth documentary’ disclosed the secrets behind desert survival.
  6. Ice World: Take a trip to the polar excesses of our earth
  7. Great Plains: Follow an arrogance of 30 lions—one of the main in Africa—as they effort to hunt elephants.
  8. Jungles: Floating aerial shots present the world’s most remarkable forest views.
  9. Shallow Seas: The coral reefs in tropical Indonesia are home to fantasy-like creatures.
  10. Seasonal Forests: Travel from the frozen north to the Equator.
  11. Ocean Deep: An sea whitetip shark, fast flattering a worldwide rarity, hunts the sea.

Planet Earth Documentary

“Our planet is quiet full of miracles. As we travel there, so we gain not only sympathetic, but control. It’s not just the upcoming years but also for the whale that today lies in our hands: it’s the endurance of the natural world in all shares of the living earth. We can now abolish or we can treasure. The choice is ours.” —?David Attenborough

Planet Earth: The Future

The latter affairs were added by Planet Earth: The Future, a sequence of three 60-minute movies that highpoint the preservation issues nearby some of the contained class and surroundings. The programmers are related by Simon Poland and the sequence creator was Fergus Beeley. The series initiated broadcast on BBC Four after the ninth incident, “Shallow Seas”.


The documentary film is full of natural thrills and showed the great wonders of our planet earth and got popular among the people and managed to receive awards several wards including Program award by Royal Television Society, Annual Peabody Award. The movie picked up 2 awards by Broadcasting Press Guild for the innovation in broadcasting and the best documentary series. This is not enough there are many other famous awards that go in the list of Planet Earth documentary.

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